RENALSTAT, the highest quality nutraceutical

Commitment to the Highest Quality

Many dietary supplements for kidney health sold today do not meet FDA standards. Many are manufactured offshore in locations where quality standards are not enforced. Using these supplements can pose risks to your health.

RENASTAT is different.

  • RENALSTAT is manufactured in the United States of America.
  • RENALSTAT is produced using “pharmaceutical grade” manufacturing standards which are higher that those required for nutritional supplements.
  • The ingredients used in RENALSTAT are sourced from trusted and proven suppliers.
  • The testing methods applied are so rigorous, 100% of all contaminated raw materials are caught BEFORE they ever make it through the doors and into RENALSTAT:
  1. While most companies only randomly test samples of raw materials they receive, we test EVERY barrel that comes in…EVERY time. Each material is sampled and quarantined until it is completely approved.
  2. Next, full microbiological testing is performed. This assures that every product meets or exceeds FDA standards for contamination. All materials are screened for steroids, melamine and any other unwanted drug that may have been used to “spike” the raw material.
  4. Highly specialized and advanced equipment designed for FDA validation is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis and to test and certify each and every batch of RENALSTAT.
  • Before the product leaves the manufacturing facility, we send product samples to an independent lab for testing one last time to assure it meets our high standards of quality and purity.

In summary, this means:

100% of all inbound raw material is FDA validated.
100% of our products are FDA validated.
100% of our product will always meet label claims.

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  • Designed specifically for people with a risk of kidney stones.
  • The only available nutraceutical with the ingredients necessary to stabilize an abnormal urinary chemical environment and prevent stone formation.
  • Manufactured in the US under FDA approved processes to ensure purity and quality.
  • An inexpensive, twice daily supplement designed for those with abnormal urinary chemistry