RENALSTATRENALSTAT® –a revolutionary dietary supplement for a healthy kidney and urinary environment.

RENALSTAT provides a uniquely blended formula of quality nutraceuticals to limit crystal formation and stabilize an abnormal urinary chemical environment. RENALSTAT’s proven formula, devised by a board certified and National Medical Award winning Nephrologist, is the result of many years of clinical experience. RENALSTAT, manufactured in the USA, is the only available formula that can dramatically stabilize an abnormal urinary chemical environment.

Who should take RENALSTAT?

RENALSTAT is for anyone who is trying to achieve a healthier kidney and urinary environment.

  • If you have been told that the levels of calcium in your urine are high, then RENALSTAT is an option for you. This may apply to the millions of calcium kidney stone sufferers and to those with other high urinary calcium ailments, i.e. those with osteopenia or osteoporosis.
  • If your health care professional has told you that your urine is high in oxalate increasing your risk for calcium oxalate crystallization then RENALSTAT can be of help.
  • Lastly, those who are deficient in magnesium in the urine will find benefit from the magnesium oxide available in RENALSTAT.

What’s in RENALSTAT ?

The main ingredient in RENALSTAT is IP6 which has been shown in numerous studies to help reduce the level of calcium in the urine. IP6, studied for over 50 years, can improve levels of urinary calcium. Vitamin B6 can help lower urinary oxalate. Magnesium and potassium citrate can help inhibit crystals from forming. Together, they can contribute to a more stable urinary chemical environment.

RENALSTAT has been shown to work in patients:

Your urine collections should show reduced levels of urinary calcium, reductions in urinary oxalate levels, and increased levels of magnesium to help block crystal formation. All of the nutraceuticals in RENALSTAT have been used to help patients for years.  IP-6 has resulted in normalization of elevated urine calcium in the vast majority of patients.  Vitamin B6 can lower the urine oxalate levels, along with diet control, in a similar fashion.  Potassium citrate, which blocks crystallization, is useful in almost all patients with kidney stones.  Magnesium oxide similarly inhibits crystal formation and is useful for all in need.

View typical before and after results from patients.

Commitment to Quality

Many dietary supplements for kidney health sold today do not meet FDA standards. Many are manufactured offshore in locations where quality standards are not enforced. Using these supplements can pose risks to your health.

RENALSTAT is different

  • RENALSTAT is manufactured in the United States of America
  • 100% of all inbound raw material is FDA validated
  • 100% of our products are FDA validated
  • 100% of our products will always meet label claims

More about the committment to quality.

Side effects and drug interactions:

As with all nutraceuticals, you should review their use with your health professional before taking.  Side effects with RENALSTAT could include GI discomfort related to IP6 and possible loose stools from IP6 or magnesium.

Please do not take RENALSTAT if you have chronic kidney disease as potassium and magnesium can build up in the bloodstream.  Do not take RENALSTAT if you are using oral iron preparations or are pregnant as iron absorption will be limited when using RENALSTAT.  Check with your health care professional before taking RENALSTAT if you are using blood thinners of any type.  Do not take RENALSTAT beyond the recommended dosing unless approved by your health care professional.

How to purchase RENALSTAT:

You can purchase RENALSTAT directly from one of its growing number of retail partners. Available in a convenient 60-day supply, it is a great value.

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  • Designed specifically for people with a risk of kidney stones.
  • The only available nutraceutical with the ingredients necessary to stabilize an abnormal urinary chemical environment and prevent stone formation.
  • Manufactured in the US under FDA approved processes to ensure purity and quality.
  • An inexpensive, twice daily supplement designed for those with abnormal urinary chemistry